Pre-intermediate (B – B1)

During this course the students shall acquire necessary grammar structures and vocabulary in order to perform daily tasks related to the description of Hypothetical situations, giving advice, talking about their professional skills and obligations, as well as historical events and past personal experiences using English Language. Students shall, as well, improve their listening and reading skills in order to achieve a better efficiency in their academic and everyday life.

Principal competences from the level:

  • To express obligations, suggestions, abilities and offers using different corresponding modal verbs (must, have to, should, can, could).
  • To narrate and describe giving details about events in the past using simple past and past continuous fluently.
  • To talk about hypothetical situations using second conditional.
  • To talk about life experiences, achievements and others using present perfect effectively.
  • To understand and use specific vocabulary: rules, laws, social behaviors, crimes, job, talents, among other.
  • Students can understand the main aspects of clear input on familiar topics such as school, family, university, leisure, etc.
  • Students can describe past experiences, events, dreams, goals, achievements, giving briefly reasons and opinions about it.
  • They can initiate and maintain a short- simple face-to-face interaction in English about familiar topics.
  • Finally, they can understand the information content of the majority of recorded or broadcast audio material on topics of personal interest delivered either spoken or written.