Upper intermediate

High intermediate (B1+ – B2)

Description of the level:

In this level the student will be able to communicate on the following topics: social issues, stereotypes, job seeking and creation of a company using the corresponding grammar according to the level B1 –B2 of the CEFR

Description of the level:

To describe social issues using appropriate tenses like the present perfect and modal verbs.
To be able to participate in the creation of a company using marketing vocabulary and passive voice.
To write a cv and prepare for a job interview and then to apply that knowledge in real life.

At the end of the level the students will be able to:

  • To propose a solution to social problems in the world and immediate surroundings by giving advice to reflect on their impact.
  • To reflect on national and general stereotypes using tag questions to verify information or ask if someone agrees with you.
  • To be able to describe work experience, academic background and qualifications by using specific, formal expressions and grammatical tenses in order to apply for a job and to be successful at the job interview.
  • To express the consequence of a condition in a real life situation using first conditional structure in order to describe things that could happen in the future.
  • To formulate the hypothesis using second conditional sentence structure to describe unlikely or impossible future situations.
  • To plan the structure of the company and name the responsibilities related to certain job positions by researching real companies’ models in order to create a new company.
  • To simulate the processes of designing and launching a new product or service by planning all the stages using proper language structures in order to use it in the future professional life.
  • To explain the features of a certain product and its future use by using passive voice in order to emphasize the action and object of the sentence while discussing the topic..